Understory Climate Tech and Sustainability Newsletter #69

📚 Worth Reading

Hi Understory Community, hope you are having a great summer. This week, we published a profile on Descartes Labs and what the company is doing in climate.

Also, listen to our latest podcast episode with Climate Neutral and how the organization is helping businesses and consumers take action against climate change.

This week’s quick hits focuses on our environment, ecology, and $Tesla pricing.

Lots of jobs in sustainability and climate! Check out the jobs at the end of the newsletter.

🚀 Funding and Congrats!

FiscalNote acquires Equilibrium, an ESG software company.

BCG, the global consulting arm, launched a BCG venture fund dedicated to sustainability and climate.

Energy Capital Ventures, a Chicago-based venture capital fund for driving environmental, social and governance innovation and digital transformation for the natural gas distribution industry, closed on $45m in capital commitments.

Sinai Technologies, a San Francisco-based decarbonization company, raised $10M in seed funding.

Quaise, a Cambridge-based geothermal energy company, raised $12M in funding.

Carbon Clean, a London-based developer of carbon dioxide capture and separation technology, raised $8m in funding.

💡 Startup Spotlight

Sinai Technologies: Decarbonization platform - measure, analyze, price and reduce emissions.

👀 Quick Hits

Yakutsk, a Russian city with freezing winter temperatures and one of the coldest constantly inhabited city on the planet, is on fire.

Climate change may make emperor penguins extinct.

Tree-eating beetles and pests usually prevalent in the south latitudes are moving north and found in crops and vines in northern areas, as those areas see warmer winters.

EV is not accessible to the masses.

🎧 Podcast

Climate Neutral: certifying climate claims
AeroShield: a clear (and energy efficient) window to the future
Just Salad: Pioneering Zero Waste in Restaurants
A Good Company: mitigating mindless consumption

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⚙️ Jobs

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Production team role at Living Ink

Multiple Roles at Return Rabbit

Director of Social Impact at Minecraft / Microsoft

Open Innovation Sustainability Segment Lead at Accenture

Senior Project Manager, Sustainability at JLL

Vice President Research (Sustainability / ESG) at ING

Director, Circular Economy at Mitsubishi Chemical America

Global Sustainability Manager, Food Program at Google

Business Development Director at Act Analytics

Principal Product Manager for Sustainability at Amazon

Climatetech Financial Analyst at Climate Collective

Environmental Data Analyst at Arc’teryx

Multiple Roles at Rheaply

Brand Partnerships Manager at TerraCycle

Head of Sales at Lizee

Business Developer & Sales at Resortecs

Product manager and engineers at Topl

🗓 Events

September 15: Startups Driving Sustainability - September Showcase

Nominate a speaker or apply today to present at one of our showcases. We are currently working on exciting lineup for our fall events.

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