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Join us! This week we kick off our Fall event series with our September ‘Startups Driving Sustainability’ Showcase on Wednesday. Don’t miss hearing stories from these early and later stage startups: SolarKal, United by Zero, and Smartbin.io. We’ve also invited A100x Ventures to talk about the investment opportunities it sees across the sustainability landscape.

Last Chance to Register

For those that can’t make it in person, we will post the recording shortly after the event. Register to get notified when it is available.

📚 Worth Reading

Are you familiar with the term ‘climate anxiety’? Also called eco-distress, it is the chronic fear of significant environmental impact. In Understory’s latest startup profile, we explain how Arbor’s new mobile app allows users to take direct action on climate change with the tap of a phone. Arbor makes it simple to have a climate impact, and reduce climate anxiety, by offsetting carbon-producing activities with contributions to climate positive activities.

Worth reading.

🚀 Funding and Congrats!

Earthshot Ventures, a spin-out from Elemental Excelerator, raised a $60 million climate technology fund.

Revaia, previously Gaia Capital Partners, closed a €250 million fund that will be ESG focused. Revaia is based in Paris and is one of Europe’s largest female-founded VC funds.

Founders Factory and G-Force have launched the Founders Factory Sustainability Seed program, a remote pre/seed investment program for greentech startups.

Alder Fuels, a sustainable aviation fuel company, received a multi-million dollar joint investment from United Airlines and Honeywell.

Juno, a proptech startup that helps build sustainable apartment buildings, raised a $20 million seed round led by Comcast Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and Real Estate Technology Ventures.

Unspun, which builds custom, on-demand and sustainable jeans, raised a $7.5 million seed round. You can learn more about the business in our podcast episode with co-founder Kevin Martin.


💡 Startup Spotlight

Biohm is a biomanufacturing firm that is transforming the construction industry with its bio-based materials and circular construction systems.

👀 Quick Hits

A U.S. Energy Department Report indicated that the U.S. could increase its solar power usage from 3% (current) to 44% by 2050, but it would require $562 billion in funding over that time period.

Sustainable aviation fuel has potential to reduce transportation emissions but the impact is still unknown. In an effort to analyze and report the reduction in emissions, Chevron, Delta Airlines, and Google are teaming up to create a common and transparent model.

Climeworks launched the world’s largest carbon capture machine called Orca. Orca can draw down the same amount of emissions created by 870 cars. This new facility, based in Iceland, increases global direct air capture capacity by 50%.

In other carbon removal tech news, Shopify announced it has purchased 400 tons of carbon removal to help fund Heirloom’s first deployment. Heirloom, like Climeworks, is a direct air capture carbon removal system.

India’s climate technology startup ecosystem has raised $1.2 billion across 120 startups over the past five years.

🎧 Podcast

Hetal Parekh of EnerYields: financing green building projects
Abby Lyall of Big Idea Ventures: investing in foodtech
Climate Neutral: certifying climate claims

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⚙️ Jobs

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Account Manager at Climate Neutral

Associate, Corporate Sustainability at BlackRock

Multiple Roles at TheRealReal

Vice President of Operations at LimeLoop

Head of Marketing at ZigZag Global

VP / Director of Marketing at Cloverly

Director of Sustainability Initiatives at Coca-Cola

Software Engineer at Joulea

Climate Data Analyst at CO2HERO

Multiple Roles at Patch

Sustainability Strategy Manager at Accenture

Sustainability Communications Specialist - CSR at Thermo Fisher

Director of Sustainability at MassMutual

Head of Sustainability Underwriting at Zurich North America

Chief of Staff, Sustainability at JPMorgan

Director, Strategic Initiatives (Circular Economy) at Walmart

Senior Product Manager, Re-commerce at REI

Senior Legislative Counsel at Earthjustice

Head of Product at KEY ESG

Marketing Associate at Big Idea Ventures

Head of Product, Bus Dev Director, Engineers at Nitricity

Developer roles at Gybe

Chief of Staff at ReGen Ventures

Senior Manager, Growth Strategy at R-Zero

Numerous Roles at CarbonCure

VP, Sustainability at Macy’s

Sr. Program Manager, Net Zero Carbon & Sustainability for Grocery at Amazon

Director, Energy & Sustainability Services at JLL

Circular Economy Specialist at Rubicon

🗓 Events

September 15: Startups Driving Sustainability - September Showcase (REGISTER NOW!)

October 21: Startups Driving Sustainability - October Showcase

October 28-30: Sustainable Fashion Week Atlanta

December 1: Startups Driving Sustainability - December Showcase

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